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Beneath a red sky

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #29 "Beneath the Surface"


Your ship was attacked and had to do an emergency landing on Mars. Your are the last survivor and it's time to take back your ship !

Beneath a red sky is a top down shooter in a procedurally generated spaceship . Take your ship back, put out fire and be careful not to put too much holes in the hull, you'll need the darn ship to fly you back home !

How to play

Each game is different, as a new map is generated every time you play!

WASD to move
E or Space to use the melee attack
Mouse to shoot
F to use the extinguisher (after picking it)


  • the game is hard (kinda), take it slow and it'll be easier.
  • if you see a fire and you have the extinguisher, put out the fire, that will save A LOT of your oxygen.
  • save ammo as much as you can by using your melee attack (E / Space), especially on the melee enemies


Thanks to Furvent for his help and play testing all this week end!

Credits: Space Wind 01 & Space Wind 02 by Prosser, see licence : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100579483/LD29/_readme_and_license.txt

PlatformsWindows, Flash
Release date Apr 29, 2014
Tagsld48, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 29, mars, Pixel Art, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


LD29-Beneath_a_red_sky-allinlabs.zip 17 MB